About the club

Open Your Eyes Films was started in 2005 by Quentin King and Markus Brugger, who both work at CERN, and it then became the CERN filmmakers’ club.  It operates according to these statutes and is run by a committee that is elected annually by the membership during the annual general meeting in December.

All the documentation about the club is available for download here:

Minutes of 2006 AGM Dec 2006 OYEagm06.pdf
Account for 2005-2006 Dec 2006 OYEaccounts06.pdf
Minutes of 2007 AGM Dec 2007 OYEagm07.pdf
Account for 2007 Dec 2007 OYEaccounts07.pdf
Report for 2008 June 2008 OYEreport08.pdf
Accounts for 2008 Dec 2008 OYEaccounts08.pdf
Minutes for 2009 AGM Mar 2010 OYEagm09.pdf
Accounts for 2009 Mar 2010 OYEaccounts09.pdf
Minutes for 2010 AGM Feb 2011 OYEagm10.pdf
Accounts for 2010 Feb 2011 OYEaccounts10.pdf
Minutes for 2011 AGM Feb 2012 OYEagm11.pdf
Accounts for 2011 Feb 2012 OYEaccounts11.pdf
Minutes for 2012 AGM Jan 2013 OYEagm12.pdf
Accounts for 2012 Jan 2013 OYEaccounts12.pdf
Minutes for 2013 AGM Jan 2014 OYEagm13.pdf
Accounts for 2013 Jan 2014 OYEaccounts13.pdf