Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not working at CERN, can I still take part?

Yes.  Over half the members are not working at CERN.

How many members are there?

There were forty two members in 2012.

I don’t have a CERN access card – am I allowed in?

Yes.  For all club events held at CERN there is a RDV for people without access cards on the steps of the reception building, opposite the tram stop. Members can get a CERN access card valid for one year for free.

Does the club own any filmmaking equipment?

Yes.  The club has a professional video camera, tripod, LCD monitor, camera crane, boom, directional microphone, radio mics, sound mixer, tungsten lights and an edit suite (Apple Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro 7.5).

How did the club afford to buy this equipment?

OYE Films is the CERN Filmmakers’ club.  As such it operates according to statutes and within a framework provided by the CERN staff association for all the CERN clubs. In simple terms this means we must hold an annual general meeting, elect a committee and submit our accounts annually.  In return, we can use CERN meeting rooms and we can ask for financial support to buy equipment.  Since the club was founded in 2005, the staff association has helped the club  to buy equipment on two occasions.

If I join, can I use club equipment for my personal projects?

No.  The equipment is reserved for club projects and a member of the committee must be present whenever club equipment is being used.

Do I have to be a member to come to the monthly meetings?

No.  Monthly meetings are open to everyone.  If you are interested in the club then it’s a great way to meet other members and to learn what the club is doing.

Do I have to be a member to come to workshops?

Not the first time.  You are welcome to attend a workshop and see if you like it.  If you want to continue to participate in club events then you need to become a member. The exception to this is for workshops that are run by a professional teacher which are reserved for members only.

As a member, do I have to pay for workshops?

Not if they are run by a member of the club.  The weekly evening workshops are all free.  If the club pays a professional teacher to come and give a workshop then the participants will be asked to pay to cover the costs.

How much does it cost to become a member?

It costs 50SF per calendar year.  If you are only in the area for a few months then “temporary” 4-month membership is only 20SF.

If I join in December, do I still have to pay 50SF?

No.  If you join between September and the end of the year then you can become a temporary member for 20SF.  As a temporary member, you don’t have the right to vote during the annual general meeting.

What does the club use the membership money for?

The money is used to rent extra equipment needed for film projects and to maintain the club’s equipment.  A little goes on the website.  The accounts are published annually if you would like the details.

Who decides which films get made?

Any member can pitch an idea for a film at a monthly meeting.  If enough members are inspired to join the project then it can start development.  When it comes to the shooting, at least one member of the committee must be part of the team.

Will the club give me a budget to make my film?

No.  If extra equipment is needed then the club will help to rent it.  We get good weekend rates with Visuals.  The level of support will depend on how many films are made per year.  With about 40 members the annual budget will be about 2000SF so a few hundred francs could be provided.  This can only be used to pay for equipment, not for people.  If your film needs more money then you will need to raise it yourself.

Can I make a feature length film?

You can try!  A group of visiting physicists from the UK who were working on LHC experiments made a feature length zombie movie while at CERN.  However, experience shows that a major challenge for amateur filmmakers is simply getting a team together on a given day, so we recommend making several 5-10 minute short films, each shot in a day or over a weekend, rather than trying to make one long film.

Do club films have to be in English?

No.  Several club films have been in French and any language is fine.

Why does a filmmaking club also organise festivals?

Because it’s fun!  There are several members who enjoy organising events and it’s a way for the club and for CERN to reach out to the wider community.

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