Film downloads

Year Project File Download
2013 Poetry Café Film Vimeo
2012 Hurt music video Luca’s version 55MB
Quentin’s version 95MB
Making the Hurt music video 56MB
2011 Enemy Mine Film 163MB
2011 48H Film Project Film 147MB
2010 Turkey Team Film 367MB
2008 48H Film Project Film 37MB
2008 Fairytale Film 22MB
2007 Waiting Room Film 56MB
2006 Obsession Film 73MB
Teaser 2 6MB
Teaser 1 4MB
Behind the Scenes 28MB
Making Obsessed 54MB
2006 LEA Trailer 2 93MB
Trailer 1 39MB
Teaser 3 35MB
Teaser 1 and 2 24MB
Making LEA 62MB
2006 AudiUtopia Film 72MB
2006 Flush Film 62MB
Making Flush 45MB
2006 Footsies Film 29MB
2005 Rise Film 74MB
Teaser 8MB
2006 Test clips CERN Service Tunnels Test 7MB
Crane on Car Tests: CERN Relay Race 23MB
Crane on Car Tests 32MB
Dolly, Crane and Car Tests 69MB
Car Tracking Tests in Carouge 27MB