Article 1.1
In April 2005 within the framework of the CERN Staff Association and in conformity with articles 60 and 61 of the Swiss civil code, a Club was created under the name of «Open Your Eyes Films».

Article 1.2
The Club year begins on 1st of January and finishes 31st of December the same year.

Article 1.3
The aims of the Club are to
1. bring together people interested in film making,
2. work on film projects,
3. organise such activities as will further this aim.

Article 1.4
The Club is non profit-making, non-political, and non-religious.

Article 1.5
The registered office is the same as that of CERN.


Article 2.1
Persons eligible for membership:
1. CERN personnel, visitors and scholarship holders,
2. contractors working on the CERN site,
3. friends and supporters of the Club.

Article 2.2
All eligible persons having paid the annual membership subscription are Annual members of the Club and may participate in all club activities and may vote at the General Assembly.

Article 2.3
All eligible persons having paid the temporary membership subscription are Temporary members of the Club and may participate in all club activities for a period of four consecutive calendar months. Temporary members may not vote at the General Assembly and temporary membership is limited to one period of four calendar months per Club year.

Article 2.4
All eligible persons may become Observer members without paying a subscription. An Observer member may subscribe and contribute to the Club mailing list but may not participate in Club activities in person.


Article 3.1
The committee is composed of Club members. Their mandate is for one year and is renewable.

Article 3.2
The committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one other Club member.

Article 3.3
Committee decisions are valid if there are at least 3 members present.


Article 4.1
The general Assembly is constituted by the meeting of Annual Club members. It meets once a year during the last term of the Club year.

Article 4.2
To be valid, the Assembly must be attended by at least a tenth of the Annual members. Temporary members may attend the Assembly but may not vote.

Article 4.3
The Assembly:
1. conducts a secret ballot of Annual members for the election of the President,
2. decides on who will undertake the role of the remaining committee members,
3. approves the reports on the running of the Club by the Secretary and the Treasurer,
4. fixes following the suggestion of the committee, the cost of the annual and temporary subscription.

Article 4.4
The General Assembly must be called at least 15 days in advance.

Article 4.5
To be included in the agenda, all propositions must be sent to the Secretary at least 8 days before the Assembly.

Article 4.6
A General Assembly can be called by the Committee or at the demand of at least a tenth of the Annual members. In this case, it will be convened in the month following the request.


Article 5.1
The Club’s financial resources consist of:
1. membership fees,
2. gifts, subsidies and other income.

Article 5.2
The cost of the annual and temporary subscriptions is fixed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Committee.

Article 5.3
There will be a participation fee for each film project (but not workshops). The fee will be decided by the project team at the start of each new project.

Article 5.4
The club bank account will be opened and managed by the signatures of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Article 5.5
Payments against the club bank account will require the signatures of any two of the four signatories (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer).


Article 6.1
The statutes of the Club can be modified only at the recommendation of the Committee or of a tenth of the Club membership.

Article 6.2
A modification of the statutes can be taken only at the General Assembly following a preceding survey of all club members.

Article 6.3
The statues have to be posted on the club web page.


Article 7.1
All personal responsibility of Club members is excluded, the Club’s commitments being guaranteed by its own financial resources.

Article 7.2
The Club has its own civil liability insurance. The Club is in no way responsible for damage caused by its members to third parties


Article 8.1
The dissolution of the Club can be proposed only by the Committee. It is decided by the General Assembly.

Article 8.2
In case of dissolution, the assets of the Club will be transferred to the funds of the CERN Staff Association.